The War on Upstart Fiber Optic Internet Providers

As someone who grew up throughout the 90's and 00's, some of my fondest memories stem from progressive advancements in internet and computing technologies. Upgrading from Dial-Up internet to DSL was a grand event in our house. I remember my brother and I fighting over the computer day in and

Starting an Internet Service Provider - Part 2 - Deploying Fiber

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote Starting an Internet Service Provider. When I sat down to write that post I initially intended it to be a weekly or monthly log of events to look back on, but it turned into one long blog post about the struggles of starting an

Starting an Internet Service Provider

I decided to start writing about the day-to-day obstacles we face at NEPA Fiber. Before I begin to make regular write ups on our progress, I feel it's necessary to explain the backstory of how it all began and where we are now. Why? The first time I put some